What Is Shorthand? Meaning Of Stenography


Pitman Shorthand Strokes

Shorthand also called stenography is the art of writing words in short form. Shorthand was very popular in the 19th century when the use of technology was very rare. When someone speaks in normal speed, it gets very difficult to write his speech, this is where the use of stenography or shorthand comes into act. "A" letter is written as simple dot "."in shorthand and for letter "P" and "B" a "\" is used.  The most common style of shorthand learnt  are Pitman Shorthand and Gregg Shorthand. Both have different style of strokes to represent a letter and can be chosen according to the preference of the learner. 

Recently, shorthand has started to gain popularity again due to its demand in government sector and less competition compared to other posts. There are lots of vacancies which are being published since few years in government department and ministries.

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