How Long Does It Take To Learn Shorthand/ Clearing Stenography Skill Test

Completing shorthand basics will take around 3 months for a beginner if done on a regular basis. However, people do not learn shorthand for theoretical knowledge and there is no use of just learning the rules and basics without the ability of writing shorthand in high speed. Shorthand is not a language which needs to be spoken or understood with ample time in hand. They 2 key factors deciding whether you know shorthand are accuracy and speed. Most of the exams for recruitment of Stenographers require a minimum speed of 80 words per minute and some exams like Parliamentary Reporter also demand explosive speed of 160 wpm. The main deciding factor of time taken to be perfect in stenography is the knowledge of vocabulary. A new learner with a great vocabulary in his choice of language can gain speed of 80wpm within 3 months after the completion of basic knowledge and strokes of shorthand. Here, by mentioning speed we are also taking into account the accuracy of spellings without which there is no use of having high speed as there is very minimal error percentage allowed in the exam conducted by SSC or any other recruitment agency.

For the aspirants with weak vocab, it can take forever for them to clear a shorthand skill test and they should focus on learning spellings of the commonly used words before spending hours on taking shorthand classes.

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