Tips To Write Faster In Shorthand| Increase Stenography Speed

 While constant practice is required to learn shorthand strokes which results increased speed of shorthand writing, there are few minor mistakes which students do while writing a dictation which leads to unclear strokes and reduced speed. The following tips might help you in the examination or office to get a little advantage while writing a passage in shorthand.

1-  Shorthand should be written in a steno pad only which has equal and medium length gap between each ruled line.  A bigger gap between two lines would result in bigger strokes which means more time taken.

2- We should always try to make smallest strokes as possible which consumes less time and we can move on to the other stroke faster with this practice. A person writing smaller strokes would be able to catch up with faster speed compared to the person practicing bigger strokes.

3- The width of the notepad should not be big or if it is then we should divide it vertically into two parts so that we do not have to move our wrist up while reaching to the right end of the notepad while writing. Wrist movement while writing in shorthand should be very less as fractions of seconds are also lapsed while taking your wrist left corner of the notepad to the right end.

Shorthand Speed

4- While writing a bigger dictation matter on a small notepad, we will have to be ready to turn to the other page of the notepad. To reduce the time taken while turning the page, we can guess the total number of pages required to complete the matter and fold the bottom edges of the pages, so that it can be easily flipped to the next page.

Shorthand notepad

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