Work Profile Of A Stenographer Typist| Job, Role, Duties

People usually remember stenographers as court typist noting down the judgement and proceedings of the court. It is true that due to heavy work load in the courts, most of the vacancies were in the court or we can say still are, the work of a stenographer which was earlier limited to be just of a typist has now turned into a lot more than that. With competition increasing in the job world, the stenographers being recruited were given more than typing work. The stenographers are now also given title of personal assistants or private secretary, however, every personal assistant appointed does not necessarily mean that he/she should also have knowledge of shorthand but every shorthand typist is in most cases given the work of a personal assistant to a senior official. The various duties a Stenographer has to execute are as follows-

Taking Notes From The Officer 

The first and foremost duty of a stenographer is to take notes from his officer in shorthand and he may type it on the computer if asked to.

Handling Confidential Files

Stenographers work as personal assistants to senior officers and is a highly trustworthy post, the stenographer should make sure that the confidential files he is working on does not leak to other employees.

Arranging Meetings

A stenographer will regularly be in touch with higher authorities for arranging meetings for his/her boss.

Administration Work

Administrative work may include duties like ensuring smooth functioning of office with regular stationery supplies, handling staff problems etc.

Other Duties As Directed By Officer

A personal assistant needs to be multi tasking as he is just not appointed for a particular work, he is bound to do any other official work as directed his officer so one should keep in mind the multi tasking nature of this profile before accepting the job offer.

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